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Magic-Pak heating and cooling units are an ideal solution for multi-unit construction, delivering benefits at every stage of a building’s design, construction and ownership.

Architects | Maintaining the Design
Magic-Pak can ensure that an architect’s vision remains the same from concept to completion. Magic-Pak preserves the clean, uncluttered exterior of the building, while the lack of multiple condensing units preserves open space on the ground. Customizable exterior louvers can further extend creative possibilities without compromising the building’s form, space or ambiance.

Mechanical Engineers | Simplifying Specification
Magic Pak's all-in-one design means engineers no longer need to specify many of the other parts that come along with traditional split system heating and cooling solutions. Chaseways aren't needed, nor are basepads, external utility connections, disconnects or allowances for refrigerant lines. Magic Pak offers consistency from room to room and floor to floor, so specification is the same and installation time is shortened.

Property Developers | Lowering Cost of Ownership
Magic-Pak can help keep costs down during construction with easy, consistent installation. Magic-Pak units can offer up to $480 savings per unit in up-front costs versus some traditional split systems. They also keep ownership costs down during their entire lifespan with simplified access and damage protection from outdoor elements.

Magick-Pak Heater

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Magic-Pak units are ideal for apartments, condominiums and other multiple occupancy buildings. They are the perfect combination of reliable performance and beautiful design, making Magic-Pak the clear choice for any project.

Made to work, designed to fit.

Small footprint minimizes space requirements
Minimal wall opening reduces building penetration for external louvers
Customizable louver and wall sleeve options offer design flexibility
Individual metering and control for each unit
Fully ducted system